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Have You Forgotten Your Android Phone Password/Pattern? Here Is How To Easily Reset It

Mobile phones are on the rise these days, and it seems like everyone is using these types of phones. Android phones are the most popular phone used by many customers in the world.

As an Android client, I'm sure you're quick to get information on your phone or put someone who isn't allowed to use it. One strategy to ensure your phone information is to lock your phone screen. This is a good idea because you are the one who will arrive with your phone as you cannot give a secret passage to your child or even your life partner. Sadly, this usually fails to remember the secret key lock of Android. You can enter all the passwords you know, and your phones will be locked. How would you respond? In this article, we will show you a way to unlock Android failed to remember passwords securely.

Step 1: Switch off your phone

Step 2: Now press the Home button+Volume Up and Power button simultaneously until it enters recovery mode.

Step 3: Use the power button to enter the recovery mode. From there, press the power button and release and then use the Volume button to enter the Android recovery.

Step 4: Use Volume keys to scroll to the Wipe Data/factory reset option and then use the power button to select this mode.

Step 5: Under Wipe Data/factory reset, select "Yes" and then reboot your android device.

Switch your phone on, now you can do the settings and set another password, pin, or pattern for your lock screen.

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