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Opinion: Smartphone Addiction is Dangerous Just Like Drug Addiction: 7 Major Symptoms of this Addiction

As a young girl back in my childhood one to one social interactions were a thing till smart phones happened. Smart phones have changed our lives drastically and gradually interrupted our social lives. Nowdays you walk into a group of young teens, campus students and even high school students and watch their behavior. Most of them are glued to their smart screens and never talk to each other, and if they do, it's brief with an impulse to pull their phones out their pockets immediately they finish.

Psychological dependence on drugs works the same with phone addiction. This dependence is linked to magnification of brain centers responsible in producing feel-good hormones. When the brain is deficient of the phone, a person feels depressed, sad and anxious until they get access to the phone. This is because the brain cannot produce needed levels of dopamine and serotonin hormones.

It is high time we accept this kind of addiction and find ways to stop as it has become too obvious and most people are just tolerating it.

7 major signs that you are addicted to your phone.

1) Using it to feel satisfied and avoid your thoughts.

2) Ignorance on activities around you.

3) Using it while dealing with important activities like meetings or lectures.

4) Continued usage even after you observe negative effects.

5) Immediate impulse to check notifications.

6) Social, friends and family distancing.

7) Anxiety and depression when you can't access the phone

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