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How to Check and Report Numbers Illegally Registered Using Your IDs

Safaricom has a new USSD Code set for several of these SIM Card operations, which you may get by dialing *106#. Users should be able to do the following with the help of this USSD menu:

Check their numbers against the information provided to register it.

Unknown phone numbers linked to their identification should be reported.

Any reported figures should be canceled.

Simply type the following into your browser to see the numbers associated with your ID card:

*106# is the emergency number to dial.

1: Verify my figures.

Safaricom may also require you to open the Menu with the first phone number associated with your ID. We assume this is a security safeguard, but we can't confirm this independently.

So what if you don't identify some of the numbers? That's also really straightforward:

You can return to the home menu by dialing *106#.

2nd Option: Unknown number should be reported.

Choose the unknown number.

Confirm and double-check the reporting number.

Of course, if you put a report on one of your genuine numbers by mistake, you may return to this menu and choose 4: Cancel a reported phone number before selecting it and confirming it.

How to look up all of your Airtel Kenya SIM cards that are linked to your account?

On Airtel Kenya, the procedure is same. To get started, simply follow these steps:

*106# is the emergency number.

Choose an identification document, such as your national identification card, an alien identification card, a passport, a service card, or an East African identification card.

Then, just type in the document's details, and you're done.

A confirmation message should appear, stating that your service is currently being worked on.

Airtel will send you an SMS detailing all of the Airtel SIM Cards associated with your identification paper in about a minute.

Criminal elements are out on the search, looking to make a fast buck off of you, and in this connected age, there are more methods for them to exploit you. We applaud Kenya's new SIM Card Registration Regulations.

As a result, having tactics like these in your arsenal to keep yourself safe from these thieves is a good idea. Have you ever made advantage of this option? Have you been a victim of any of these unethical business practices? Please share your thoughts in the section below.

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