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How to Use a Syringe to Extend The Life of Your Smartphone

It's absolutely normal that your phone's power jack tends to collect dust, dirt, and other debris over time. This is contributes to many charging problems by obstructing the battery connectors. When you insert your charging cable, the dust prevents a good electrical connection being made, so no power is directed into the battery.

How to get rid of the dust.

Only a few people know that dust in the charging port may be one of the main causes of your device's death. To avoid this, clean your smartphone regularly and a syringe full of air will do you good in this case.

How fill the Syringe With air

1) Hold the syringe in your hand like a pencil, with the needle pointed up.

2) With the cap still on, pull back the plunger to the line on your syringe to pull in air.

3) Insert the needle part of the syringe and inject the air by pushing the end of the syringe. This procedure will allow you to easily remove the dust from the charging port and extend the life of your smartphone.


Another option is to use a tooth pick to gently scrape the inside of the port. Sweep the toothpick around the inside of the port to loosen up any dust, then give the phone a shake to make it fall out. Take your time and be as gentle as possible you don’t want to damage the charging port.

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