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Reasons Why We Should Write Our Notes On Microsoft Word Instead Of On A Note Book

Microsoft word is an application which was designed by Microsoft technology company with the aim of helping people to type and store information in a machine instead of a paper.

The manufacturer saw how people were really having hard time trying to store information, storing information in a file or a book is very costly, many a times the information can get lost, because bwhen people bare busy they can sometimes tend to misplace the files or the books.

It is also very expensive to but books and files and when they get filled up with informations, you have to buy them again, this is like renewing them. It is also slow to write information on files and books that is why the manufacturer of Microsoft word cane up with the idea of designing Microsoft application.

The advantage of Microsoft word is that the security of the information is gurenteed, you can put a password in the your documents to prevent unauthorized access, unlike storing information in files and books whereby anynody can access them at any time.

Another point Is that information cannot get lost, because they are stored in a soft copy whereby people cannot handle them physically, after storing them in a soft copy the information are then arranged into groups which can easily get located.

The other advantage is that in the order time, people needed to buy computers so that they can access Microsoft word but today with the advancement in technology, the Microsoft word applications are now available in Android phones.

You can go to the play store in your Android phone and download it, operating it is also easy because everything is similar to that of the windows in a computer.

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