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The Free 2 GB Safaricom Bundles Offer is Back

The free 2 GB Safaricom data bundles offer is now officially back after disappearing for a while now, the offer was mostly meant to help the learning youths make to their online classes during the corona virus pandemic which hardened most countries economic situation not only in Africa but in the whole world.

All you have to do now so as to get the free data bundles is just by dialing *555# using your Safaricom line and select the fourth option that reads as Data Deals, then choose the option that state 2 GB for only 20 shillings and you will immediately receive your Free 2 GB Safaricom bundles, you can repeat the process for more than once in a single day.

You should note that the free data bundles offer is only available from 12 am to around 4 am in the morning and it can only be accessed boy people whose ages are bellow 25.

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