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Why Your Phone Takes Long To Charge

Do you have a phone that used to charge fast but now it takes hours to be full or never gets full? Don't worry, today I am here to give you a solution. This is a thing that affects many people and many never get to know the reason.

Below are two reasons why your phone takes hours to charge.

1. You are using a fake charger. The original charger that is packaged by the phone when you buy it is the best. Most of us have the habit of buying chargers in the streets and this is the biggest problem. Most of those chargers are counterfeit. They have been manufactured to allow just a small amount of power which does not meet the power requirements of your phone. When buying a charger, visit the official phone store of your phone brand and get an original charger. Keep away from cheap street items as they can spoil your phone.

2. Your phone's charging port has been destroyed. Some of the terminals that connects to the battery may have worn out or broken and this overloads the few remaining terminals. The cause of port malfunction is using different chargers on your phone. Use only a single charger to charge your phone. Some are too big for your phone making its port to expand.

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