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What we Should Learn from Monday's Experience

On Monday 04, October, many people were left suspicious with what happened to their social media platforms. This was after all platforms that are related to mark Zuckerberg went down for almost six hours.

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram were unable to use. Today the owner has responded to this fault and he apologized for the inconvenience that was witnessed.

This is a great lesson to all of us that sometimes we should be ready for some issues. We should not relay on social media platforms only but we should try other means too. The biggest question is what if these systems break down completely? How much information will get lost? Definitely we will get a great lose hence we should try as much as we can to reduce dependence on social media.

The systems were worked on and currently are working normally. It's a good news to majority of us since we get a lot of information from them. Infact, some people work online I believe they must have been worried. Thanks to the experts who solved it otherwise it could have been a serious problem.

Were you affect with this? Leave a comment about this and remember to share. Thanks for reading.

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