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They are back! Boondocks crew YouTube channel restored shortly after it had been hacked.

Hacking is the process of gaining unathorized access to data in a system or computer.It is frustrating to find out that your site or channel has been hacked after putting alot of Time and effort to grow it .

The rise of digital technology complicates the process of detecting Cybercrime and technology enabled offenses as individuals can use devices from anywhere to engage in various harmful activities .

Gengetone group boondocks have suffered a huge blow today after falling victim to these ruthless hackers.Their YouTube channel that has over 194k subscribers had earlier on been hacked and deleted.

Luckily , after seeking help from the YouTube creator support team,the YouTube channel has been restored.

The crew comprises of three ambitious artists,Odi was Murang'a,Ex Ray and Maddox .They have released club bangers such as mboko Haram,Mathogothanio and Rieng Remix.

Ever had your account hacked?let me know on the comment section .Like share and comment.

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