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Amount Of Money YouTube Pays Per 1k And 100k Views And How To Grow Your Channel

YouTube is a worldwide video sharing platform that allows content creator, bloggers, musicians and all kind of YouTubers to make and share their videos to the public for entertainment purposes or business type so that you can be given some tokens when attain their requirements.

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First of all, you must have atleast 1000subscribers and 4000 watch hours to get monetized.Now,this is a way for you gain 1k subscribers,now that YouTube allows people to share Shorts,you as an individual should take part to share as many shorts as possible,the reason am saying this is that shorts are distributed randomly in the platform and that one of your video might get a chance and go viral.Photo Courtesy.

You will need to combine both shorts and atleast a 2minute videos which are original atleast daily.One day you might find it in a million views making your channel to road of being monetized.

The Pay

YouTube pay 100-300 shillings for every a thousand views.This means that if you get 100k views,you are likely to earn over 10k shillings and that can be like salary.


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