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4 Things You Should Never Try Doing With Your Smartphone

As much as most of us love getting the latest model, smartphones are also the most abused personal gadget, most of us have never realized how important but also dangerous a smartphone can be from health to personal information being leaked. The following are some things you should avoid doing with your phone.

Keeping your phone in the chest pocket

Doctors have always suggested avoiding keeping any mobile transmitting device always from your chest pocket, this is because it can cite certain health issues.

Installing applications from unknown sources

This is usually the first mistake every person who owns a smartphone does, installing applications from 3rd party websites comes with a risk of installing malware and even spyware. Something else to note is that such applications are not usually monitored by legit stores.

Charging while listening to music with earphones

When you are charging your phone it is best to avoid listening to music with earphones, this is because there are some chances there might be electrocution.

Sleeping with your smartphones close to you

Most people tend to place their phones below their pillows because it is the last thing they use and the first thing they want to hold in the morning, but smartphones are known to interfere with your sleep and brain signals when it is close to you and experts recommend placing it far away from your body.

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