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Electronic Garbage In Nairobi Is A Ticking Time Bomb.

The use of technology has transcended us into a fast-paced society that wants new and improved technologies. The world of technology is full of constant innovation. Kenya is among the largest consumers of technology and Nairobi is the hotspot of novel technology in the country. Some of the common electronics used on a daily basis by large masses include television, radio, mobile phones, computers, laptops, headphones, chargers, DVDs, and speakers.

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Residents of Nairobi can testify that in their households they have a lot of digital rubbish starting from spoilt chargers to earphones, unrepairable phones and laptops, old cables, and bulbs as the list goes on. With more than 4 million residents in the city, all this digital rubbish is trapped in people's houses. The trend goes on to shops, companies, garages, and premises that use technology.

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Most conspicuously, the recurring custom of all these gadgets is that they are constantly upgraded. The best household appliance today will be incomparable to a future device providing the same service. For instance, VCD players were replaced by DVD players and DVD players are on the verge of being replaced by laptops. The increased use of USBs has seen most people abandon DVDs in Nairobi. When new devices are acquired the outdated appliances are discarded.

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In comparison, some gadgets can wear out or get spoiled and the owner has no use of them, what then? That is the onset of the accumulation of digital rubbish or electronic garbage. On a large scale, huge companies can buy large stocks of machines to help them achieve their vision. A few months after the purchase, spoilt machines will be pilling up in the stores and backyards. Computers such as the cathode ray tube TVs and computers have been replaced by flatscreens in most businesses and homes. They are left there to forever rot away without a care.

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The electronic garbage in the city piles up from all the homes and other premises and eventually ends up in dumpsites. This metallic and plastic garbage is harmful to the environment and difficult to dispose of. New technologies are swarming into Nairobi and most probably a new and better laptop, phone, or earphone will catch your eye. In a split second, you will either throw away or store away your old phone and get a new one. Take a moment and think what will eventually happen when the rest of 4 million Nairobians do the same.

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