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The Dark Side Of Technology In Kenya.

The internet penetration in Kenya is estimated at 85% in 2021. The use of technology on a daily basis in Kenya is unignorable and the country is the future technology hub of Africa. Fast internet speed puts Kenya on the map as an informed country. Kenyans can access more online opportunities and after the pandemic, more than one million Kenyans are working online.

This big leap in the technology world is a big plus for the country but also opens up a can of worms. The country is still young and less advanced in the online space, we are just getting started. Children have access to the internet as much and even more than adults. This presents a big challenge especially for young children who are more vulnerable to the dark side of the internet.

The young population has the most usage of technology than the older generation. Cyberbullying in the online space is an unattended issue that is no longer far-fetched but a reality. online bullying can be in form of trolls, threats, body shaming, conmanship, and blackmailing. The government has made strides in safeguarding the welfare of netizens but more can still be done. The online world in Kenya presents endless opportunities and challenges.

Addiction is a novel crisis that technology has cultivated in different forms. Social media addiction in Kenya is a prevalent problem that cuts across all age groups in the country. Teenagers and adults have become hooked and they spend indispensable time on the platforms. Pornography is also a camouflaged disaster that nobody wants to talk about. Children as young as 4 years are exposed to adult content that haunts them into their adulthood. Unmonitored access to the internet by children can breed all sorts of harmful habits.

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The immutable law of technology is change. Are we really prepared enough to combat the challenges of the online world? New and advanced technology will sprout in Kenya especially because of the high literacy levels in the country. Technology is a good servant but is also a terrible master.

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