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Why Your Phone’s Internet is Very Slow, and How to Make it Faster

Slow mobile data connection can be very boring, waste time and result to extra data charges. In some cases, files that are being downloaded can fail completely, and pages fail to load. Slow connectivity can be due to various reasons, and some might be beyond your control. Here are 4 reasons and ways of boosting your phone’s data.

1. Having a slow phone

You might be in a region where mobile or Wi-F signal strength is strong, however, your phone is still too slow in responding to simple tasks like opening or loading pages of light websites, this could be a clear indication that your phone is slow. This can be attributed to a phone’s old hardware, usually experienced in older smartphones. Mobile device apps and websites are regularly updated to match with modern technology. This usually poses a challenge to lower-end and outdated phones.

2. Background apps

Having too many apps using the internet running in the background will limit the amount of bandwidth available for individual apps. Common background activities include syncing and automatic updates. It is important to ensure that apps are regularly updated. Also, ensure that you restrict some data-hungry apps from using data in the background. 

3. Poor signal

Poor phone signals is often experienced in crowded places, and when you are very far from the nearest cell power. In crowded places, thousands of people will be using the same cell tower simultaneously. Some mobile phone carriers also offer limited bandwidth resulting to slow internet connectivity. It is also a common observation that some brands will have weak signals in rural and crowded places. If internet connectivity is your priority, you should consider purchasing devices from manufacturers who produce devices with strong signal reception. 

4. Cache is full

Cache, read as “cash” is where browsers data for quick loading of websites that are frequently visited. However, when the cache is full, it will slow down your online experience. To correct this, you should regularly clear your phone cache from the phone settings. Most phones have inbuilt features that allows users to clear the cache.

How to boost mobile data

After knowing probable reasons why phone data is slow, here are measures which can be taken to boost it.

1. Restarting the phone. This is one of the quickest way of resolving problems causing slow connectivity and even when the phone behaves abnormally. When the phone restarts, it will search and connect to the strongest cell tower or the one that is less congested.

2. Activating and deactivating the airplane mode. This mode disables all wireless connections. When turned on, the mobile data connection should improve.

3. Find data hungry apps, and deactivate them. Turn off inactive background apps

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