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Dial This Code To Get The Identity Of A Private Number

Have you ever experienced someone calling you via a private number? How did you take it as an individual? Personally I feel so bad when someone calls me with a private number,and by the way I never pick such calls. Mostly, people use private numbers to call because they don't want you to know their identities and may be they are scammers and thieves. It's logically wrong to call someone using a private number.

Nowadays it is easy to identify the private number that just called you and you can easily trace that person that called. Firstly,do not receive the call,let it be a missed call then Dial *#30#. After a few minutes,the number will appear on your screen. When you have true caller app,Use it to find the real names of the person who called and even the location.

It's very easy that way and you will get the identity of the person who called,you can even surprise them by calling them back. Please share this information and don't forget to follow me for the latest updates especially society and breaking news in Kenya.

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