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Sensors That Turns Your Smartphone into a Camera That Can See Objects in Walls

Technology is evolving at higher pace,have you ever thought of using a smartphone to see hidden objects in wall e.g,metal pipes,studs,electrical cables upto a depth of 20 cm inside a wall,yes with the help of an imaging 3D sensor it is possible to use smartphone in performing above tasks.

First you should know what is a sensor?

it is a device which measures physical property and then it detects,indicates,records or responds to it.

Walabot scanner or sensor

Walabot scanner is a device that operates on android systems to see objects inside walls e.g electrical wires,metal studs and metal pipes.the device resembles a smartphone but is big in size.

Walabot sensor is designed for use with android smartphones,the sensor is magnetically attached at the back of smartphone then alligned with smartphone camera for it to perform 3D imaging or scanning objects found in walls such as the above mentioned with the help of walabot app installed on smartphone.

This comes in handy when scanning wall to detect objects in it e.g pipes,studs,holes and electrical cables before performing surgery on the walls.It also comes in handy when scanning metal objects in ground such as water pipes or even explosives.

For you to use this technology you need to buy a walabot sensor and fit on back of your smartphone then install walabot app that will control it or you can buy a walabot gadget and start using it direct for scanning purposes in walls.

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