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Lacking a Computer? This is how to File KRA Nil Returns with Your Smartphone

In this modern age computers are very essential. However due to the restrictive cost of purchasing one only a few can afford it. The good news is that a smartphone works just as well as a computer. Gone are the days when one had to gain access to a computer in order to file returns. Moreover some people live in very remote areas such that accessing cyber cafes is difficult. Without a computer, smartphones provide the best alternative. The procedure below will clearly show you how to file KRA returns with your smartphone.

1. Open your browser (preferably Google Chrome or Firefox) and type the word *iTax portal*

Browser page upon searching the query 'iTax portal' | screenshot

2. Select the first option as shown in the picture above (KRA iTax)

3. You will be redirected to another page as shown below where you are supposed to key in your KRA pin. After that click continue. 


4. Enter your password and then answer the numerical question below the password box (security stamp). Login when done.

 If you have forgotten your password then click the section written 'forgot password/unlock account'. In this case a new password will be sent to your email account. When you receive it you will be able unlock your account as well as create a new password that you can remember easily. 


5. Upon successful login, you will unlock a page that looks as the one below. Click the section written 'Returns' on the upper part of the dashboard. 


6. Select the type of returns you wish to file i.e. the nil returns section.

7. In the next page fill in as follows under the queries of Type, pin and tax obligation:

  Type: Self

  Taxpayer Pin: enter your KRA pin e.g. A0122...

  Tax Obligation: Income tax Resident

Once done click next. 

8. In the next page leave spouse pin section blank if unmarried. Fill in the return period dates i.e. 01/01/2021 to 31/12/2021. The dates normally appear automatically. 

Click the submit button. When it goes successfully then you are done with filing the nil return. In the next page that will appear click on 'download return Receipt'

Content created and supplied by: Leica254 (via Opera News )

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