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The transformation of the phone industry

Since the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham bell in the year 1876 when the telephone worked by converting sound into an electrical signal via a liquid transmitter the communications industry has undergone a rapid transformation to modern technology like 4G,5G networks,bluetooth,wireless fidelity,,to the present where phones use electromagnetic waves to transmit signals hence making communication fast and efficient. Motorola was the first company to produce a modern phone in the year 1976 and since then the sector has grown to have many phone makers offering excellent phones using modern technology.Some of these companies include;

APPLE; The company is headquartered in the USA and was founded by Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne in the year 1976.They are makers of the iPhone brand of smartphones.Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone into the market in the year 2007 and today the company makes and produces various Iphone models like the Iphone 10,Iphone 11,Iphone 11 pro,Iphone 12,Iphone12pro Iphone 12 pro.Some of the phone's specifications include;5G network capability,1170*2532 resolution,Quad 12MP main camera,dual 12MP selfie camera,ios 14.1 operating system 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM,2815mAh battery.


The Korea based Lee Byung Chul founded company developed it's first phone in the year 1988(a SH-100).The company today makes various phone's like the S series(S5,S6,S21,S21 ultra) the note series(note7,8,9,10,10+). (Samsung S21 ultra)The samsung S21 ultra specifications include;5G networks,1440*3200 resolution,Quad 108MP main camera,40MP selfie,Android 11 operating system,128GB ROM 12GB RAM,5000mAh battery


The company headquartered in Shenzhen,China was founded by Ren Zhenfei in the year 1987 and since then the company has grown to become a popular phone maker in the world.Some of the phone's made by Huawei include; Huawei Nova,Huawei mate X2,Huawei mate 40,Y5,Y9. (Huawei Y9)the Huawei Y9 specifications include;4G networks,1080*2340 resolution,13MP main camera,16MP selfie,64GB ROM 4GB RAM,4000 m Ah battery.


The Finland based company was founded by Frederik Idestam,Leo Mechelin,Eduard Polon in the year 1967.Today the company has various phone makes in it's portfolio some of which include Nokia 5.4,3.4,2.3,215,X10. (Nokia X10)The nokia X10 specifications include 5G networks,1080*2400 resolution,128GB ROM 6GB RAM,48MP main camera,8MP selfie camera,4470mAh battery.


The phone company is headquartered in Guangdong China and started operations in the year 2004 with Tony Chen as the founder.Today they have make phones like the Oppo A35,A94,Reno 5,A 74,A 54. OPPO A 74. (OPPO A74) The Oppo A74 specifications include; LTE networks,1080*2400 resolution,Android 11 operating system,128GB 6GB RAM,triple 48MP main,16MP selfie camera,5000mAh battery.


The company incorporated by Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka in the year 1946 makes various phone models today like the Xperia 5,Xperia10,,Z4,Z5.XZ XZ (Xperia XZ)The phone's specifications include 4G LTE network technology,1080*1920 pixels resolution,,android 6.0 operating system,64GB,3GB RAM,23MP main camera,13MP selfie camera,2900mAh battery


The company headquartered in China and founded by George Zho in the year 2006,the company today makes phone's like the spark series(spark 3,4,5) camon series(camon 12,13,14 15) phantom series(8,9),Phantom 9.(phantom 9)The phantom 9 specifications include;LTE networks,1080*2340 pixels resolution,Android 9.0(pie),128GB 8GB RAM,triple 16MP main,32MP selfie cameras,3500mAh battery.


The company was founded by Sagem wireless in the year 2013,since then the company has grown to make many other phone models like the note series (5,6,7,8) hot series(6,7,8,9,10),and the zero series(zero 5,6,7,8) (infinix zero 8)The infinix zero 8 has the following specifications;4G LTE network technology,1080*2460 pixels screen resolution,Quad 64MP main camera,dual 48MP main camera,4500mAh battery.


The phone maker begun in the year 2010,with Lei Jun was it's founder and is headquartered in Bejing,China,their handsets portfolio include the mi series(mi note 10,mi note 10 pro,mi note 10 lite),Redmi series(Redmi 9,9pro,9A,note 10,note 10 pro) Redmi note 10 pro. (Redmi note 10 pro)The Redmi note 10 pro specifications include 4G LTE technology,1080*2400pixels screen resolution,Android 11,128GB 8GB RAM,Quad 108MP main camera,16MP selfie camera,5020mAh non removable battery.


The company begun in the year 1928 by Paul Galvin and Joseph Galvin is headquartered in the USA.In the year 2011 the company split into two motorola solution and motorola mobility.Their handsets portfolio include the E7 power,Edge S,Moto E7,Moto G30,Moto Razr.5G Motorola G30The Motorola G30 specifications include 4G technology,720*1600 phone pixels screen resolution,Android 11 operating system,128GB 6GB RAM,,Quad 64MP main camera,13MP selfie,5000mAh non removable battery.


Hou Weigui begun the company in the year 1985 and is headquartered in Shenzhen China The company has phones like the S30,Axon 20,blade 20 pro,Axon 30pro,Axon 30 ultra. (Axon 30 ultra)The Axon 30 ultra specifications include 5G network technology,1080*2400 pixels resolution,Android 11 operating system,1TB 16GB RAM,Quad 64MP main camera,16MP selfie camera,4600mAh non removable battery.


Shen Wei begun the company in the year 2009 and has its headquarters in China.The company today has various smartphones in it's portfolio some of which include vivo V51A,vivo Y31,vivo y20,vivo Xv21,Vivo V60. Vivo V60The vivo V60 specifications include 5G network technology,1080*2376 pixels resolution,256GB 12GB RAM Quad 48MP main camera,32MP selfie camera,Android 11 operating system,4300mAh non removable battery.

Other popular phone models in the market include;

Realme C15The realme C15 specifications include 64GB 4GB RAM,Quad 13MP main camera,8MP front camera,Android 10 operating system,6000mAh battery.

Cubot C20-The cubot C20 soecifications include;64GB 4GB RAM,12MP Quad main camera,8MP front camera,Android 10 operating system

Safaricom Neon Ray proThe safaricom neon Ray pro soecifications;4G LTE network,5.5"FWVGA screen,16GB 1GB RAM,Android 10 operating system,5MP front camera,5MP selfie camera,2500mAh battery.

Itel A33The itel A 33 specifications include 720*1440 pixels resolution ,16GB 1GB RAM,Android 8.1 operating system,2200mAh battery

Oukitel C16 pro-The oukitel C16 pro specifications include;32GB 3GB RAM,720*1520 pixels resolution,2600mAh battery.

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