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Never Charge Your Phone to 100%, Here is Why

Phones have basically become part of us because we are always with them. They are convenient since they can do pretty much anything. Most of the time we do things that reduce our phones' lifespan without knowing.

Here are some of the things to do to make your phone stay by your side for a longer time.

1. Get rid of apps you don't use

Occasionally take an app inventory and see which apps you don't use. Uninstalling them will create more space for your phone and will make it run more efficiently.

2. Use lower power mode while charging

This makes your gadget charge faster as it makes the apps run slowly and stop running anything in the background.

3. Turn on aeroplane mode in areas with bad reception

A phone uses the battery to search for reception even if it's not picking any services and this drains it. Turning it to aeroplane mode will keep your phone charged for longer hours.

4. Be smart about putting your phone in the pocket

Your pocket may be having dirt and dust that may get into the phone's charging pot. Accumulation of this may make the phone have problems with charging. Get a phone case that has a plug for the charging pot to protect it from dirt.

5. Clean your phone safely

Most people protect their phones from water but any kind of moisture could be harmful to them. So do not use wet wipes, rubbing alcohol or spray to clean your phone. Instead, use a dry cotton cloth just like the one for cleaning glasses.

6. Switch off your phone once in a while

This is different from letting it go off at 0%. Once in a while switch it off and leave it for a few minutes before switching it on again. This is good for your phone as it will be given time to rest.

7. Do not charge your phone to 100%

Charging your phone to 100% and leaving it plugged after that is not good for the battery. The battery contains lithium-ion which means it operates best between 30% and 50%. Overcharging drains the battery and makes it weak with time.

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