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How To Unlock Locked apps in your phone without pc

Many people either forget there applications passwords or the passwords are changed by people who know the current passwords

This is very rampant and therefore I brought to you the best way to unlock them remotely without looking for pc which is expensive to hire for the work.

Phone applications in the new technology are higly protected with passwords to help reduce rate of unauthorized accesses which tame to put personal data into a threat.

Examples of this threats include.

Hacking,tapping, cracking and many other activities which are malicious to important data

1. On your phone open the keypad.

2. Dial *#0*#

3. After that a query will be presented to you by the phone . Press the button responsible for execution of yes command.

4. The phone will automatically close and open itself.

5. On dialog words click your language and then open.

6.check if the password still exist and then definitely thats is way to unlock it.


# Save money.

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