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Carbonated Drinks

Next I'm Buying Coca-Cola to Put the Cocaine Back In, New Twitter Boss Says

Elon Musk recently bought Twitter and he allowed free speech on the platform. However, this statement was misunderstood by many so came back to explain it further that free speech should not violate the law.

On 27th of April that is yesterday he tweeted saying that he will buy Coca-Cola and add cocaine in it. This came out as a joke. Some of his followers took it as a joke. Here are the replies.

One fan said: "This is not a serious person. He doesn’t have the cash to buy Twitter; his announcement that he was buying it led to the loss of $120 billion in Tesla market value; and now he’s already claiming he’s “buying Coca-Cola.” He’s a joke.

"I speak for everyone when I say that Elon Musk ruined twitter and has ruined everyone’s experience on this app. I am now switching to Facebook, a better and more reliable app."

HardModeGamers said: " So what has he done so far that ruined the platform? What has he implemented that made it worse? Can you cite anything for me?"

Coca-Cola company responded by saying :" The King of Nerds isn't funny enough to respond to Coca-Cola could Care Less."

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