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Twitter goes down worldwide

Twitter which is a popular social media platform is facing a downfall as its users are facing difficulties in accessing or refreshing their accounts.

The incident was first experienced Today 14th July in the afternoon where most of the social media users found difficulties in logging in into their personal accounts.

The downfall has been experienced in most parts of the world like Africa, Asia, Europe, midle east and Pacific region.

Both the social media App and website have been affected. According to Downtown detector, it reported that Twitter app has been affected at 59% while its website at 33% and its servers at 8%.


This comes at a time that Tesla boss Ellon Musk has threatened to withdraw his offer towards buying the social media platform at approximately KSH5 trillion.

Musk accused Twitter managers of refusing to submitting to him the data of fake accounts used within twitter platform.

Twitter management have now filed a law suit in a move seeking court orders barring musk from withdrawing his Twitter purchase deal.


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