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Ever wondered why your smartphone has more than one camera?Here is the reason.

Many smartphone users tend to really question the reason behind multiple cameras on phones, surprisingly most people do not know the need for these multiple times.

It is with no surprise that some individuals even start claiming that the extra cameras are for spying the smartphone users which is not the case.

For that reason,today am going to take you through the functions of all these cameras.

1.Quad camera

This are cameras that come in four at the back of your smartphone.Most of smartphones with such cameras tend to be so expensive but guess what?A smartphone with a quad camera will give a very high quality photo on your gallery

2.Triple camera

This are cameras that come in three.Smartphones with such models are becoming more common due to the fact that such phones are of an average price especially here in Kenya.Such phones will also give you quality photos for your gallery

3.Dual camera.

This is the most common you have ever come across.This are just but cameras that come in two as one pair.

Now let us discuss the importance of extra cameras on smartphones.Just as I said earlier these extra cameras play a role in ensuring that you get quality photos.How does this happen? When you zoom during photo taking all the multiple cameras work harmoniously to give you a wide field of view.That is why smartphones with quad camera make better videos unlike those with one .

In addition to a wider field of view these multiple cameras may also enable the production of 3-D photos and videos which leaves your gallery full of incredible photos, videos and more.

Content created and supplied by: emmanuelsiema (via Opera News )


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