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Current Modern Trends In The Internet You Should Know

They are everywhere, ranging from social medias to memes.

These are the trends that gives the internet its rosy flavour:

1. Hulu/Netflix/iWantTFC

Who needs DVDs/CDs nowadays, there are millions of Filipino series and movies on iWantTFC.

2. Alexa/Siri

Alexa started out as an Amazon online robotic app that does reminders and others.

3. Cryptocurrency bitcoins

People tend to invest and make money using bitcoins.Try it today.

4. Gifs and memes

There are dozens of funny memes online which are meant for entertainment purposes.

5. Instagram/Facebook/WhatsApp

When it comes to social media platforms, they never disappoint.

6. Selfies

Selfies are more common than books or photo booths which are non-existent. People tend to take selfies at their beck and call. All the time, for no good reasons.

So there you have it. Thanks for reading and continue to follow. For more intriguing articles such as this one. Have a blessed day.

Content created and supplied by: Pablo254 (via Opera News )

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