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When Your Phone Falls Inside Water, Don't Put It Under The Sun But Follow These 4 Steps

When cellphones come into contact with water, many of them are ruined. When a smartphone comes into touch with water, the system is harmed, and it can no longer function normally. There's a slim chance it'll work the same way it did before. This explains why consumers should use extreme caution when using smartphones. In that instance, there is a simple method for administering first aid to a smartphone that has just fallen into water.

Many people are frequently perplexed when their phone slips into water. Some people choose to remove the batteries and dry them beside a fire or in the sun. Some people clean their phones with a towel and spirit, while others rush them to salons to be blow-dried. When your phone falls in water, though, the first thing you do will influence whether it is repaired or not. When you're going about your daily routine, your phone may fall into the water unintentionally. When this occurs, take the following actions:

Step 1: Turn off the phone and don't try to turn it back on until you've completed all of these instructions. Do not be alarmed; instead, obtain a jar and fill it with grains. Rice, maize, or cassava flakes are some of the grains that can be used (Garry). Fill a bowl or a container halfway with one of these grains.

Procedure 2: The above step is only the first step; after that, the battery (if it is removable), Sim cards, and maybe the memory card must be removed. In other words, take out anything that can be taken out, including the back cover.

Step 3: Take the risky step of shaking the phone to clear any droplets that may have made their way into the system. Some of the water inside the phone will leak out, making the drying process easier.

Step 4: This is the final and most critical step. Drop the phone carefully into the bowl that you prepared in step one above. Allow 3 hours to pass without touching the phone. This procedure is critical because it will drain all of the little water molecules inside the phone.

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