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Forget about battery saver, this is the best way to save your battery

Reduce brightness, turn off Wi-Fi, data and Bluetooth are some of the major things we tend to do when our phones are running out of power.

Many people tend to put their phones to battery saving mode in order to conserve the power. Though it seems like the move does work, their is a better way to get the most out of your smartphone. Instead of activating battery saving mode, put your phone in flight mode.

Network is one of the running services that drains your battery much faster. By putting the flight mode on, you pause this service and switch off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth services also. This move will keep your phone on for longer before you get to a charger. Another thing you should consider doing is turning off the location. Location services is always active and tracking you even when the screen is off. This leds to it consuming so much power from your battery. If you want your battery to last longer, turn off the location feature whenever you are not using it.

Sync. This feature is built to help you synchronize your data to your Google account. Whenever you connect your phone to the internet, sync scans and synchronizes your data to your Google account. When you are running low on battery, turning this feature off can help you get some few more minutes out of your device.

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