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SIGNS that your laptop is having a virus.

You have heard of computer viruses before, right? But probably, maybe you are not aware what it is. Your laptop maybe misbehaving due to reasons which you don't know and probably you are taking the matter lightly. One of the reasons why your laptop is misbehaving which you didn't think of is that it may be having a computer virus. Yes this can be the case especially if your are a frequent user of the internet.

Here are some signs of the presence of a viruse in your computer

1.Reduced memory or disk space. You may find that your hard drive is indicating to have plenty of space but the moment you try adding files the computer indicates that there is no enough space.

2.Files are overwritten or damaged. Some of the documents stored you have stored in your computer maybe become distorted in a way that you did not authorize. For example you can arrange a document in a certain format and find it in a complete different format or you can place a document in a certain location and find it in a different location.

3.Hard drive may erased. You can find that, personal and other files you had earlier stored in your laptop are completely missing and there is no way of recovering them.

4. USB Drive lights blink without a reason. Normally for a drive that has light and is inserted to the computer, it is supposed to blink whenever an operation is being performed on it. For example when adding files, removing files etc. But you can find the drive light is blinking even with no operation, just for no reason.

5.Takes very long to load programs. Also, when using your computer for normal operations like typing or watching, you may find that a lot of time is being consumed when opening and accessing some places in the computer which was not the case before.

9.Unrecognized files appear. Documents and other things that you never added to your computer are seen to appear.

12.The computer completely fails to work

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