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A turbine that vibrates to produce energy

The skybrator is a new engineering design that is meant to produce clean energy from the air. The device has no blades to trap the air that is moving, but the impact of air with the device produces enough vibration to be converted into usable energy. According to the UN, the invention of such technology will significantly help triple the green energy production and neutralize carbon emission. The Spanish start-up Vortex Bladeless that designed the Skybrator. According to the designers, their technology aimed to solve some of the challenges the traditional turbine was unable to overcome. For instance, wind turbines were relatively expensive, harmful to wildlife, and noisy. Since the turbine has no blades, the technology comes with low maintenance cost and no lubrication. The skybrator is designed to harness energy from the wind through oscillation. Jorge Pinero, one of Vortex Bladeless's founders, states as the device increases in size, the more power it will produce. The bigger, the better.

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