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Why you should be careful when using Facebook from Cyber

Facebook is a very important platform where people can communicate and share many ideas, it has made the world a global village. Currently it has over one billion of users daily, besides creating employment to many people it has brought positive change in the way people do business around the world .

Apart from Facebook being an important informative platform, it can also be used badly by some malicious people who wants to destroy or to attack others people, some people wants to spread hates speech and kinds of nonsense. 

In cyber cafe the computers there are used by many people because they are for public, so if you go there to use Facebook ,after you have finished using please make sure that you log out your Facebook account before leaving the Cyber cafe because if you do not log out ,then the person coming to use the computer next after you have gone will use the same computer that you have used earlier. If the person wants to log in to his or her Facebook account and finds your account still logged in , he she may enter into your account and post malicious messages.

If the person post bad messages using your account, you can get yourself in a big trouble , the authorities can look for you. There are many cases whereby innocent people have found themselves locked behind bars over bad things that they did not do so he careful when handling your accounts in public cybers.

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