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4 Things You Should Know If You Are Using Mobile Phone With Inbuilt Battery

Smartphones have become a necessity that has made our lives easier. We live in a technologically advanced world where it appears that no task can be completed without the use of a smartphone. Even today' s kids are accustomed to having their own devices. We' re not sure if it' s a blessing or a curse, but everyone wants a good smartphone to keep up with the modern world.

Almost all modern phones now come with an inbuilt or non- removable battery, which causes a slew of problems that can terrify users.

These issues, as well as their solutions, are listed in this article, and you will learn how to solve them quickly.

1. How to Deal with Overheating

Since the battery cannot be removed to cool, turn it off completely and place it on a cool surface, such as a glass of cold water. The phone should be as cold as ice after a few minutes.

2. Dealing with Irresponsiveness or Hanging

In contrast to removable batteries, you cannot remove an inbuilt battery to fix freezing. If your phone hard freezes or hangs for more than 10 minutes without responding, press and hold the Volume Down + Power buttons simultaneously for about 30 seconds to reboot it. Your device should unfreeze and reboot.

However, if your phone SOFT FREEZES, which is a temporary freeze, please wait for it to unfreeze on its own before clearing the running apps and rebooting the phone.

3. What if the Phone Doesn' t Turn On?

This is a scary situation, but it can be overcome. If your phone does not turn on after about 2 minutes of holding the power button, please charge it.

4. Never let your Phone Fall Inside Water

Unlike Non- removable battery that you will quickly remove the battery, an inbuilt battery is allergic to water. If your phone is water resistant, such as the Samsung Galaxy S9 and others, there is no guarantee that it will survive if it falls into water.

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