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How to Flash a Phone With Unknown Password and Pattern Using Your Laptop.

People have had this tendency of forgetting their password or patterns to unlock their phone's. People steal phones from others which have security password or patterns we wonder how they operate those phones but is just a simple task for them. Cyber wizards can crack even a government operating programme just using a Laptop. People have lost money from their bank account or M-pesa lines within a short period of time. Mastering computer strategies is what most individuals try to do this makes someone to be a computer wizard, remember the more you use a computer that's how you get most of ideas.

For you to Flash any phone using your Laptop, first of all your supposed to link your phone with your Laptop. Get that phone Google account and then locate the GPRS of that phone for easy details access. After getting the Google account details use your laptop to enter create another account with the same details you will be asked for new password. Enter the new password then then you will be able to Flash that phone using your new password. Disable the pattern which was being used initially and create your new password for that phone.

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