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Cheapest Costs Of Purchasing And Installing Wi-Fi Packages For Your Home Or Office

Wi-Fi which means wireless fidelity is simply a wireless network for browsing the internet. Their work is similar to Mobile Data but the main difference with this is that this is unlimited since it doesn't get depleted unlike mobile data.

Routers may cost around KES 1,800 to KES 5,000 since the routers are the ones that brings network near you. Considering we are minimizing the cost as much as possible. Having purchased a router, you will call the internet providers you wish, for instance Safaricom Home Fibre, Zuku and Telecom Wireless Network and much more others so that they can help with installation process.

Choose the cheapest package of about 3Mbps to 5Mbps. This is the lowest package you will get and it will cost you less money. Most WiFi connection have free installation. So you will not be charged.

You will be required to have to pay for your Monthly subscription which may cost from KES 2000 to KES 4000 monthly to avoid being disconnected.

Do you have any package? How is it? Share your experiences in the comment section down below.

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