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USB OTG capabilities you probably didn't know


On The Go is OTG in full. But what is On The Go?

Actually it is USB OTG! What gibberish is this? Universal Serial Bus On The Go. Now you get it. In computing, a bus is simply a connection/ connector between registries, memory etc. Okay let’s make it simpler, though not simple yet. USB allows external devices such as the USB supported Keyboard, Mouse, Memory Stick/Pen Drive or simply USB drive etc to be connecting to the computer as a host.

According to the definition of a computer, a smartphone must also be one, right? But earlier on, this has not been easy to achieve total similarity. Can you imagine a slim Samsung/ iPhone with that big USB port? That’s not impossible to engineers; unless you have forgotten Samsung engineers once mounted a large-lens camera on their smartphone, though not for long.

Lets talk about the “Host” thing. Smartphone USB microports; no type specific here, you almost said type-C? Okay that’s only one of several types out there. Those ports allowed electric charge to flow in one direction – into the phone. However, for the phones to act as hosts, small currents must pass to power the devices connected to them. This therefore, means they could not power a mouse, not even a smaller charge that could enable reading data from a USB drive.

The OTG technology, gave the hosting capabilities of a computer to the phone. Now, as long as your phone is OTG enabled, which is one of a must have features of a smartphone; you can operate you smartphone using a mouse and a keyboard. Some “little” power can leave your phone. With a USB hub, you can even connect several devices to the smartphone simultaneously. This may ease your hustle of having to buy a laptop, and type over a larger keyboard! You better buy that laptop, just please.

Host has numerous meanings, I have take a cup o’ tea with a square home made pizza, to fully explain that. For ‘nother day.

Actually, due to OTG, one can carry much of data separate from the phone, making your phone long lasting and running fast.

The Bottleneck: Be ware of the following harmful effects of OTG though. First and obvious, repetitive plugging OTG into your device, may eventual weaken the port.

Careful with that? Secondly, powering external devices, drains the battery. Once charging cycles (full charge + discharge equals one cycle) go beyond a certain manufacturer-specific number, the battery no longer holds charge for long. Start saving for replacement, inbuilt ones cost more, by the way.

Soon, my good friend doing business along that busy road will, ‘seduce’ you into buying an OTG-powered fan. Yeah, that’s fun, but your 50% battery will be five in no time, trying to fan your face in that super hot matatu. Besides, you can charge another phone this way. With eighty percent of charge, dropping to ten, and charging the other phone to thirty. Seems like a good deal, isn’t it?

Just use USB-OTG for data transfer, for a short while. Who doesn’t like having private videos and photos in their pockets, and freely hand their “fiance’s” their phone?

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