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Why your phone location should be turned off at all times

Most of the time we download apps without knowing how legal they are. These apps will always ask for permission to access your storage, location, camera, gallery and all sorts of features. As usual without minding we grant them the permissions. Some of the apps may be from a programmed genius who uses your location to track you illegally. Who knows what their plans are ?

When you turn off the location information of your phone, apps and services will not be able to get the location information of your phone, but you can still get local search results and advertisements based on your IP address. To get more accurate phone location information, learn how to turn on " Location Accuracy" .

This is why the phone location mode should always be turned off when not using the phone

Technological progress has both positive and negative effects on society. Not everyone has good intentions. Some people are scammers and scammers, and they use the same technology to steal people' s money. This explains why you must be so cautious in everything. Currently, most people are using android or iPhone that can access the Internet. These gadgets have so many functions that some fraudsters use these functions to steal people' s information.

Most Android phones have a feature called location. After enabling this feature, you can use Google Maps for tracking. This should send a certain alert among every Android phone user. Some malicious people may use this feature to track you, and some undesirable situations may occur.

This is one of the ways robbers steal people. All they do is take time to understand your situation. They will try to collect information such as where you work, commute time, where to go after get off work, etc. When they have all this data, it is easy to catch you or even steal it from you. Use computers and tracking devices to monitor you. This means that they can even break into your house easily, because through their devices, they can know your location. For safety, please make sure to turn off this feature.

Therefore you are advised to keep you location and GPS off whenever you are not using them to keep yourself safe. These applies to all types of gadgets that you may be using.

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