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Phone Codes You Should Know.

Most of people have large access to usage of smartphones and computers too. There are some of phones feature so many people don't get it clear. Phone's operating system is always programmed using some codes. These code are only know to programmers and other few users of phone. For today am going to give you few codes used in smartphones to access hidden data. Some of these codes includes;

*#*#4636#*#* when you dial this code, it will show you information concerning wifi strength, battery status and cpu usage.

*#*#7780#*#* This code will reset your phones to factory settings. Before you dial this code ensure you want to do this because it will delete all your phone data.

*3370# This amazing phone codes turns on Enhanced Full Rate. This helps your device communication to be more clearer, faster and cleaner. But note that this feature drains your device battery quicker and only applicable for iphones.

#31# This code helps you to hide your identity in all outgoing calls. The receiver will only receive private calls.

*#*#8351#*#* This code helps you to listen to your past call history. When you dial this code a continuous series of the calls you recent made can be listened to.

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