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Change Your Phone Display to Attractive Mode

Phone display refers to extend of your smart phone's screen. It is measured in inches from bottom right to top left. Most of the latest smart phones come with full view large screens of approximately 6.5 inches. That means at least 80% screen to body ratio and above. You can own a quality smart phone and still have difficulty using it. Manufacturers include default user interface that sometimes isn't attractive at all. Unfortunately most of this default launcher include adds and in app purchases.

Today I have highlighted a few tips for changing your phone display to attractive mode.

Change the default home launcher app. This refers to the primary launcher that arrange app icons on home screen or app drawer. Use third party launcher for android like Evie which is fully customizable. Arrange apps in most attractive way and escape home screen adds with these steps;

Step 1. Download and install Evie launcher from google play store or any other site.

Step 2. Navigate to your phone settings, select apps and open default app settings.

Step 3. Tap home app and toggle on Evie.

Step 4. Go to home screen find Evie app and launch it.

Step 5. Long press on home screen then navigate to Evie settings to resize and arrange apps in most attractive way. This includes home screen layout, dock and app drawer.

You can as well hide your unused or sensitive apps in Evie settings. You're done, enjoy an attractive display without home launcher adds. You can let me know if this article was education and informative. Thank you.

Content created and supplied by: SimiyuKin (via Opera News )



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