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If You Are Using These Fingers As Fingerprint Option, Your Phone Information Might Not Be Safe

With the development of technology, fingerprints are now used to unlock phones. The user's fingers are not only used to unlock the phone, but also to access private storage areas like the gallery, messages, and other things, depending on how secretive the user is. So many people now use these phones because they think they are safe.

Are you sure a finger print can protect your information? When people get a Smartphone, they tend to use the same fingers over and over. The person will choose the second finger, which is the one right next to the thumb. When someone is holding a Smartphone, this finger is always resting on the place where the finger print sensor is. This makes it easy to unlock the phone. Because of this, you will find that the first finger people choose is the one right next to the thumb.

Even if someone uses their left hand, the choice won't change. The phone will always be unlocked with the forefinger. There are some phones, though, that do have a finger print sensor next to the home key or button. In this case, a user will be seen using the thumb to unlock the phone. This is true for both hands, since the thumb is the one that rests on the sensor next to the home key when the phone is held. This is the finger that anyone would want to use.

People who want to get into your phone without your permission may want to use such fingers. These people might be out to get your private information for bad reasons. It can happen when someone is very drunk or very sleepy. Some people could make you sleepy in order to steal from you or get your private information. The fingers mentioned above will be the first thing that comes to mind. They will know that the phone can only be unlocked with these fingers. So, they will use your fingerprints to easily unlock the phone while you are sleeping. So, it is important to use a finger other than these common ones that criminals already know.

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