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If you Suspect That Someone is Reading Your Messages Using Another Device, Use This Code to Verify

It takes just few minute to hack someone's phone and be able to access any information you want from their phones. This being the case, it is very important you make sure your phone is always safe from any tracks. You can achieve this by making sure you keep checking. Remember that your phone carries very important details that be used against you if they get in the wrong hands.Most people right now store important bank details in their phones in form of messages. Anytime you change your pin, you get notified about your new pin through a message or email. This means that if someone get access to your phone, he or she can easily get access to your money. On the other hand, your phone has so many messages from your family members and close friends. If someone get to read these messages, he can use the dame information to lie and steal from you.

These are several ways in which you can check if your phone is free from any track. The first way is confirming if your any of your calls are forwarded. If they are forwarded, it means that someone else is listening to your calls or even receiving the messages you receive in your phone.To check this you just need to dial *#62#. You don't need to have airtime to complete this task. This is what you should expect to see. If this is the results, it means that your phone is safe from any track and forwarding. Incase you realize that your call or messages are forwarded, you can cancel this process easily. All you need to do is to go to your call settings and cancel the call forwarding. If this doesn't work, you can as well call customer care for any assistance. Anytime you suspect that your calls or messages are forwarded, you can use this ussd code to check.

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