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How to Stop Your Phone From Hanging, ow to Stop Your Phone From Hanging, Responding so Slow or Stopping Apps

There are several things that can really make your phone hang or respond slow. Taking or responding slow, this happens when you touch your phone but it take some time before it detect that touch. Always note that the phone will always work according to how you command it and the state it is in. Anytime you phone start to hang it is trying to notify you about a problem somewhere.You may find your phone hanging slowly if it doesn't have enough free space. An android phone usually needs a working free space and mostly on internal space. This space is used to store the cache which should later be deleted. So that means if your phone is at any tome hanging, please uninstall some apps or delete data to create space in your internal space.

Secondly your phone may start to hang if you don't keep on updating apps.Most android phones right now need an update after some weeks. If you don't update your phone then it may end up responding slowly.

To add on that a phone may start to hang if its version is so old. You can keep checking if there is a new version in your phone system update. Always make sure you download and update your phone with the new version.

Another things that can make your phone to hang is of you are overloading it. Once in a while you should make sure you restart your phone to make sure that all the apps are restarted as well.

Always avoid using your phone while it is still charging. This can get your phone to respond so slow.

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