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Which is Better? Fixing a Broken Phone or Buying a New One?

Does a broken phone worth getting repaired or should you look for cheaper alternatives like refurbished phones or even buy a new one? Know more about it here.

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Anyone who owns a smartphone, especially an iPhone, dreads dropping their gadget and seeing the display break or shatter. After all, with the prices of the recently released mobile devices more expensive than before, having it repaired can take a bite out of your savings. You are probably thinking whether you are better off buying a brand new gadget, or perhaps proceed with repairing your old phone. It might be that you are considering getting refurbished phones too for that matter. At this point, making a decision won’t be easy as all options do have their merit, so let’s break them down so you will know which one will work best for your needs.

Repairing Your Old Smartphone 

Should I repair my phone screen or buy a new one? This is a question that you and I have probably asked quite a few times now after years of enjoying using mobile phones. The glass display is prone to cracks and breakage when it is dropped at a certain height or even bumped on hard surfaces. There are certain factors that you need to weigh in to determine if you are better off having your broken iPhone repaired such as: 

If the cost of replacing the damaged screen is more expensive than the original cost of your smartphone, or purchasing a brand new iPhone is out of the question, there is a cheaper option that you can take advantage of which are refurbished phones. 

Refurbished gadgets may sound like a poor choice especially for an Apple product, but the refurbishment process is more sophisticated these days compared to the early days of mobile devices. This means that you can expect that refurbished mobile phones will not only work like-new, but also, they will look like new too. 

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