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Is Your Phone Consuming A Lot Of Data? This is How You Can Stop It.

In this century almost everybody uses smartphones, both children and adults for browsing, online reading, conducting research or even chatting through the whattsapp.

All of this activities require mobile data to be able to perform them.

However, many are the times you will hear people complaining that their phones consume a lot of data.

In this article I am going to share with you effective solutions to this problem of mobile phones consuming a lot of data. This methods will help you control your data usage when your data connection is on.

I am going to share with you the two ways you can regulate data usage and please share to help a friend experiencing similar problems.

1. Restrict Background Data Usage

To restrict your phones background data usage, click on your phones settings icon, then proceed to mobile data and services and then choose data usage. Here you will be able to view how your apps have been using data.

Click on the application that is using a lot of data, then scroll down and click on the button just beside the "restrict app background data".

You can repeat the process for all the application that from your view consume a lot of unnecessary data.

By doing this, the apps you have restricted their background data usage will only consume data only when you open them or when you are using them.

2. You can also set data limit for your phone.

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