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Improve Your Email Use For These Fields

This article gives you tips on how to manage your email, improve efficiency and enjoy having an email account. An example of such 'tricks' is the ability to have special folders for people or special organizations that send you to email regularly so that if you want to email via someone, then you just go to his or her folder, for example, you have a FAMILY folder, then All emails from FAMILY go in, not go to Inbox. Other things we will look at are how to improve the security of your email account.

Use of BCC, and CC

When you want to send an email to a certain person or organization, and at the same time send that email to someone or other people then you have two ways to do it: -

Use CC (Carbon Copy): When you use CC it means that the person you originally intended your email to go to will be able to see that you have sent 'copy' to other people. For example, if you have sent an email to WAMBOI, then CC became to ISSA, and MARIA, then WAMBOI will see that ISSA and MARIA have received the relevant email. And also ISSA and MARIA will see that the email has gone to WAMBOI.

Use BCC (Blind Carbon Copy): When you use BCC, the person you originally intended to send your email to will receive your email, and the others will receive a 'copy of that email, however, everyone will not know if the other person has received the same email. This is especially important where it is not wise to give out the email addresses of people without their permission. As you can see above using CC, some people see the email addresses of those who used the 'copy of the respective email.

SPAM Folder

Remember to regularly visit the folder containing SPAM emails. Sometimes you will find your important emails are thrown in there, for a variety of reasons including the person who sent you to forget to write a subject or write a headline that SPAM detection technology recognizes that the type of words in the headline or email is the identity of the email is SPAM.

Improved Email Account Protection

Many email services such as Google and Yahoo give you the opportunity to have the best way to sign in. Instead of just signing in with ID and PASSWORD, there is another step up where you need to fill in a special CODE that you will be sent via SMS to your phone number. This means that even if someone has your password, they will not be able to unlock it until they fill out a special CODE that is only available via SMS to your phone number. (Maybe steal up your phone).

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