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Why You Should Not Use Your Phone in Darkness

We are in the technology age where almost everyone has a smartphone that is connected to the internet. Which in turn has really helped. With our phones, we have great opportunities to increase our knowledge, develop our skills and strengthen our relationships with friends and loved ones.

Using a mobile phone in the dark is very dangerous to human health, particularly our eyes but most of us are not aware of it. Research by ophthalmologists also revealed that continuous use of mobile phones before bedtime in the dark can cause extensive strain on human eyes.

Many mobile phone users have become temporarily blind due to excessive use of their phone in the dark while others have developed glaucoma and other eye diseases.

These are some signs of smartphone eye damage; Dry eyes Eye pain, Headache, Neck or shoulder pain Eyestrain, Impaired vision, Blinking dysfunction, and Migraine.

You can avoid the above by; Conclude all your online activities before you go to bed, take your phone away from you before you go to bed in the night, switch off your phone at a particular time before you go to bed, and Most importantly always think about the consequences of using your phone in the dark.

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