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Dial The Following Code To Get Your IMEI Number For Free

IMEI number is the short form of International Mobile Equipment Identity.It is a unique code found in most phones that differentiate the phone from other mobile phones.It is launched by mobile developers during final stages modelling of the phone.IMEI number is mostly used during tracking a lost or stolen phone ,since by providing the number you confirm the ownership of the mobile phone.It is highly adviseable once someone buys a phone,they should get the code and note it down.

The IMEI number can be found using different methods,most commonly checking from the settings bar in the section ,about phone or dialing a definite code. The second method is much faster and easier. It involves dialing *#06# then pressing the ok button if the code does not pop up on the screen.Some phones provide one IMEI numbers while others provide two.The process is free to all phones ,that is android phones and iPhones.

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IMEI International Mobile Equipment Identity.It


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