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Does You Phone Have Bluetooth Technology? This Is The Logo's Hidden Meaning

Bluetooth has been in use for over two decades. Many people are on the contrary unaware of the fascinating past of the invention and the importance of the bluetooth emblem. The symbol has a hidden significance which is linked to its invention. So, in this article we will learn the Bluetooth technology logo's secret meaning which has surprised many people.

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What we all find amusing is the clarification from the engineers who invented Bluetooth. They explained that the name came from a Viking king with a "bad tooth". The name was chosen to set it apart from other wireless devices on the market in the 1990s when it was first discovered. During its invention, the only function of this system was to link a computer to other cellular devices.

The symbol for this wireless technology was created by combining the Nordic runes for H and B, which refers to King Harald Bluetooth of Denmark. The Bluetooth function of linking other devices was associated to the king of Denmark's major achievement. He was a Viking-era king who is famous for uniting Norway and Denmark and this served as the basis of Bluetooth technology which is connection. This was the most crucial aspect of its naming.

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