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8 Simple Tips To Improve The Battery Life Of Your Smartphone

1. Dim the brightness of the display. To reduce the power consumption of the monitor, its brightness can be dimmed. A bright monitor is essential only for a bright environment, but in a dark environment a darker display can also suffice.

2. Shorten the monitor's sleep time When we do not touch the smartphone device, the monitor turns off automatically. To save power on the display, you can set how long the screen turns off automatically.

3. Turn off Bluetooth communication. Bluetooth communication is necessary to enable the use of a wireless headset, but if you are not using it, or are not even using it at the moment, you can turn off the option and save valuable battery time.

4. Turn off Wi-Fi communication .While you are sleeping, traveling or out of range of the wireless internet, there is no reason for you to turn on the internet reception option.

5. Turn off location services. One of the most welcome options for smartphones is the satellite tracking services that allow us to run the various navigation apps and a number of additional apps. The smartphone's satellite tracking services consume a lot of energy, and if you do not turn on the GPS, there is no reason for them to work.

6. Turn off unused apps. Smartphones are so powerful that they can run multiple apps at once. But we do not always need all the apps, and every running app consumes more of the energy of the battery.

6. Turn off the vibration. The vibration that notifies us of incoming calls and messages is powered by tiny motors that consume a lot of electricity. The vibration option is essential when our phone is muted and we still need to know when a call comes in, but if your ringtone is loud enough and you have no problem turning it on during the day, you can turn off the vibration to save battery time.

7. Maintain a low temperature. As our smartphone heats up, it strains more and therefore wastes more electricity. Protecting the device from direct heat will help you save energy. Try not to place the appliance in direct sunlight, do not leave it in a locked vehicle, not near an oven or anything else that will cause it to overheat.

8. Charge your device correctly. Different devices have different types of batteries, and each battery has different characteristics. Avoid the faster charging charger, use the right charger to prolong your battery life.

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