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Online News Writers Faces Hard Time After This Unexpected Thing Happened

For a good time now, technology has made it easier for one to access any sort of news or information so long as he or she has stable internet Connection.

The main platforms that people easily get news are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even What's up but to many's surprise this night, most of the apps in mention if not all have cracked down hence unaccessible.

This is indeed a big Blow and mostly to news Writers who depend on the sites to get information on what's happening around the world at the comfort of their home. In as much as there are other sources like television or radios, the two are way too expensive and also, one can not move from one place to another.

We really don't know what might be behind the mess but it's now the talk of the town because, most people use the cracked sites for communication more than calls and messages.

Here is the statement issued by the owner of the three apps. "We are currently experiencing a network problem in all social media platforms owned by Zuckerberg... Kindly wait as we work on it. The problem is affecting Facebook, Watsapp, Instagram and other global social media platforms owned by Zuckerberg and it may go up to midnight"

From the statement, the problem might not be solved any minute from now but might actually take some good more hours to be rectified.

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