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How To Differentiate Between a Fake And an Original Memory Card

Today the world is moving faster in terms of digital items that are being produced every other day. Most items in the market are electronics. Some of those items are modern phones of various kinds that include phones, memory cards and flash, watches, solar panels among others.

In this case, every other company brands its items in different styles in order to attract their customers. This is where other fraudsters chip in and manipulate their fake items and start selling in order to gain profit at an alarming rate. They bring look-like items to the market and sell them at a lower cost compared to the original ones. Example being a memory card which are on demand across the globe.

How can you determine fake and original one? First look at the cost of the item. In most cases those fake items are sold at a cheaper price. If for instant the cost of 1GP memory cost sh.500 and the fake one will be sold at a lower price let’s say sh.250. This will determine the fake and original ones. Another one you should consider before buying the item is the location of the shop. Original items are sold at a specific station where you can go and purchase at a given price while fake one is sold along the streets.

Thirdly the original items have warranty and most of those traders are license to operate at a specific place while the other one only sell along the streets without trading license. Take care while purchasing items and take note that cheap is expensive. Share this message and remember to subscribe to my channel so as to get hot news without any cost.


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