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Welcome To Twitter; Hilarious Tweets From Twitter Users To WhatsApp Fans After The Disfunction

Almost everyone in the world uses WhatsApp to communicate with friends and do the so called online dating. This is a popular social media platform that every person uses and actually it's cheaper compared to other areas. There's also Facebook and Instagram which are popular apps still connected to each other. 

As we talk right now these three apps are not functioning and the reason for this has not yet been established. According to various reports from different people, they say the systems have crashed. It's too down such that you can't send a text or post anything. Others are claiming that the concerned departments are working on connecting the three apps as they'd planned to do it. 

It's true that earlier this year, WhatsApp owners alerted users that few changes will be made on the app but didn't specify the specific time for the changes. So this issue could be the reason for the disfunction. Twitter users too couldn't hold back their hilarious talks and comedy about the current situation. Here are some of the tweets as they welcome the WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook fans to tweeter.

I know it's such a boring moment, being offline for such a long time. Let's hope that the problem will be handled as soon as possible. Meanwhile, check out these humorous tweets and crack your ribs. 

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