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Safaricom Forced To Respond To Its Customers' Complaints After Ledama Urged The Company To Fix This

The biggest telecom provider in the area, Safaricom, participated in a number of responds to address concerns and provide answers for issues that customers had with their service.

Kenyans weren't afraid to voice their complains with the numerous services provided by Safaricom, particularly M-Pesa.

This came about after the senator for Narok, the Honorable Ledama Ole Kina, forced Safaricom to quickly fix their M-Pesa app because it was misleading.

The senator complained about a situation in which he used the M-Pesa app to conduct some transactions using a till number, only for the app to read another till number that he did not use. He specifically stated that he sent money to till number 5862509, but the receipt of the transaction reads till number 7868957.

He went ahead to share a photo which showed that the money was sent to Shell Nyahururu highway service station, a total of KSH 12000.

Through his Twitter account, he tweeted;

"Fix your Mpesa app @Safaricom_Care it’s misleading. I sent money to till number 5862509 but the receipt says till number 7868957 how do you account for such ?"

The business' customer service department was gracious enough to reply to the senators' complains. They replied in the following way:

"Hello Ledama, apologies on that. We have submitted this as a feedback. ^JC"

Kenyans demonstrated that this was a good opportunity to voice their complaints about the firm's services. Fortunately, Safaricom was able to address the majority of the grievances and provided assistance as necessary.

View some of the solutions provided by the Safaricom Help Center.

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